We’re here to positively impact lives while creating jobs for youth

Youth unemployment is the single biggest threat to the future of South Africa. We believe that eradicating youth unemployment will change the lives of our youth, improve the economy and create a promising future.

We identify design and implement unique solutions to social problems, while creating jobs, developing small business and changing lives. Our goal is to meaningfully influence systemic, scalable and sustainable change.

Our Story

Since 2011, Lulaway Holdings has been a pioneer in sustainable high-impact youth employment. As we at Lulaway began to see the social challenges facing communities, we believed we could do more.

We wanted to more deeply and meaningfully influence systemic and sustainable change.

We asked ourselves:

“What if we could improve sanitation, grow skills and support small businesses – while at the same time creating jobs?”

What if we could increase our reach, and impact, not only with the youth, but within communities?

 “What if we could take all our learnings, and use them to maximize social impact?”

So, we founded the non-profit company, Lulalab Foundation, in 2016 as a sister organization of Lulaway Holdings, in order to focus exclusively on social impact projects and increase their reach and impact within communities.

Our Focus

Warm Water Access

Small Business Support

Hygiene and Sanitation

Skills Development


Our Process

1. Idea Generation

We are always on the hunt innovative solutions to uniquely South African challenges. When we come across a great concept, we investigate its viability.

2. In-depth research

We research, analyze and evaluate the project’s viability. Without designing something that society needs, and wants, there’s no impact and no return on investment. We scrutinize the entire ecosystem, so we can impact as many beneficiaries as possible.

3. Across-the-board collaboration.

We collaborate with corporates, foundations, local community leaders and providers to implement the project. We look for investors who are committed to impact, as well as source as much as can from the local community.

4. Flawless Execution.

We draw on Lulaway’s national infrastructure and its years of experience to implement the project. We are pedantic about project management, and delivery, so if we say we will do it, we will.  We keep our stakeholders in the loop about any developments as we go.

5. Meticulous Monitoring 

We monitor, track and analyse every stage of the rollout. With our rigorous scientific tracking process, and real-time reporting dashboard we have a strong grasp of how the project progresses. 

6.  Honest Evaluation

 Our investors can see a measurable return on investment, and we tweak what we need to to maximize the impact.  We learn from our mistakes and successes and are not afraid to admit if we get it wrong.

Our values

Sustainable Impact

We’re committed to making sustainable change. We plan interventions that can empower youth for the long-term, and enable them to become self-sustaining & productive. We also monitor our impact long after the project is complete, so we can understand how we be even more effective.


When you invest in a Lulalab project, you don’t get annual reports once the
project is over. Our sophisticated live reporting platform lets you check-up at
any time on how things are progressing. We don’t hide anything, so you get 100% transparency on what’s working, and what we need to adapt.

Community Collaboration

We don’t design impressive plans on paper, with no relevance to the actual needs. Instead, we collaborate with local leaders, municipalities, and the private sector to design and implement, our programmes. We source from the local community and rely on local insights to achieve results.

Data Driven

We’re fastidious about measurements so we know we’re using your money to its fullest potential. Our research arm uses rigorous statistical techniques to analyse data, interpret the findings, and recommend the next steps. Our investors’ money is too valuable for guesswork, so we make sure evidence backs up whatever we do.


We’re a founder-led organisation, which means that we exist because we care deeply about results. We’re not a typical CSI department, or a bureaucratic non-profit, which means we are free to innovate, collaborate and pivot



Environmental sustainability is a key factor in any project. We look for green partners, using efficient resources to improve lives, save money and benefit the environment. Our water project is one example of innovative green solutions to uniquely African challenges.

Focus on: Lestatsi Water Project

Thousands of South Africans have no access to hot water. With no easy way to heat water, hygiene & sanitation suffers. The threat of covid-19 emphasizes the need for free & fair hot water.

We’ve sourced cost-effective solar geysers made from recyclable materials. They can be installed and maintained easily, in even the most rural locations.

This project positively impacts households and youth:

1. Poor households in the townships will now have a free supply of warm water which does not use fossil fuel and does not require electricity or costly installation fees.

2. Creation of hundreds of brand new, sustainable jobs  to perform the

  • collection of the bottles to be recycled
  • installation of the geysers
  • maintenance of the geysers
  • management of teams

You can bring

solar-powered low-cost

hot water to any community.

Your investment will give millions of youth back their dignity, so they can change their destiny

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