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      Obtain and maintain your social license to operate with a SLP that we will design and implement for you

      Delivered in 14 weeks
      Developed by seasoned consultants
      competitively priced

      The sustainable implementation of your SLP is the most critical element in achieving and maintaining ongoing compliance with the:

      • Mineral Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA)

      • Mining Charter

      • Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)

      With our proven process, you’re confident you will get your SLP rapidly, compliantly and professionally.

      1. Rapid compliance assessment and close-out report (if applicable)

      For existing mining right’ holders Lulalab will assist you in drafting your close-out report. Lulalab will use the close-out report and other relevant documentation as input into the development of the new 5-year SLP.

      2. Regional analysis and LED scoping assessment

      Lulalab will undertake a research exercise, to understand the mine communities and zone of influence, that will inform the design and implementation of contextually appropriate local economic development programmes.

      3. Stakeholder Consultation Process

      Throughout the process, Lulalab will engage with all the relevant key stakeholders, ensuring that they can meaningfully contribute to the SLP programmes.

      4. Refinement of LED concepts, projects and plan

      Lulalab will write up the project plans for inclusion into the SLP document.

      5. Compilation of the new 5-year SLP

      Lulalab will undertake the compilation of a new SLP document. This will be done in a manner to ensure that the SLP is contextually appropriate to both the company, the operational regions and the local communities surrounding the operation.

      The following SLP programmes will be compiled to demonstrate planned compliance with the MPRDA and Mining Charter:

      • Skills Development Implementation Programme (including skills training, portable skills training, leadership and education training);

      • Career Progression Implementation Programme (including talent management);

      • Mentorship Implementation Programme;

      • Internship, Study Assistance and Bursary Implementation Programme;

      • Employment Equity Implementation Programme;

      • Baseline Socio-Economic Information;

      • Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Information;

      • Local Economic Development Projects Programme;

      • Procurement and Enterprise Development;

      • Implementation Programme;

      • Housing and Living Conditions Implementation Programme;

      • Downscaling and Retrenchment Implementation Programme.

      We’re not your regular SLP provider

      Competitive Pricing

      Our hand-picked team of senior consultants mean you get a professional service that is carried out to completion within the right budget.

      100% Compliance

      We’ve done this before – for the country’s oldest mining companies, so you get an SLP that is guaranteed to meet approval, the first time around.

      Speedy Delivery

      You don’t need to wait for months to get your SLP – our proven process promises a turnaround time of 14 weeks.

      But that’s not all.
      We believe that people matter, and stick around to implement the plan.

      Using our national roll-out capability and vast experience you are guaranteed that we will:

      • Implement the plan on a community level over the 5 years

      • Report regularly on progress and ensure milestones are met

      • Empower the communities and mine workforce in a sustainable way

      You’ll see a tangible, measurable impact in your host communities, through empowering youth with long-term transferable skills & job creation opportunities.


      With our experience in developing youth with skills that the market needs, we empower youth for long-term financial independence.

      National Network

      With our infrastructure spanning 9 provinces, we have the operational capability to implement projects in any area.

      Track Record

      With our experience in rolling out projects to the value of R500 million rand on a grassroots level.

      Some of Lulalab’s previous projects

      Work-readiness training

      25 000+ youth trained

      Job Centres

      250+ job centres


      23 000+ internships

      Solar Geyser Projects


      Do you need a Social & Labour Plan that has real impact?

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