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      The Lulalab Foundation has devised a wide range of projects aimed at tackling some of the critical issues facing the youth, women and people with disabilities in South Africa.

      All our projects share the common goal of empowering those that are most vulnerable with the opportunity to improve their living conditions, lead healthier lives and gain economic independence through sustainable employment opportunities.

      Our projects identify young people interested in participating in education and training paths conducive to (higher) income generation. Taking a holistic approach to gender empowerment, all projects have combined the provision of vocational or entrepreneurship training (over 2000 young recipients to date) with the delivery of essential life skills customized to provide beneficiaries with sustainable, decent work and self-employment opportunities.

      Lulalab’s ICT Solutions for Youth Employment

      Lulalab’s youth employment work and resources continue to grow and evolve and, in collaboration with Lulaway, we have recently developed several practical tools to support quality economic empowerment interventions and drive scale, including the following:

      An Online Market Scan

      An Online Market Scan which identifies where the jobs are, what kinds of jobs exist, who is hiring and what skills are needed to get those jobs. This informs both the design of market-relevant training schemes and the effective placement of youth in decent work.

      A Direct Beneficiary Monitoring System

      A Direct Beneficiary Monitoring System, which is web and mobile-based and allows monitoring of all data as well as Excel report extracts of all participants details, progress, training certificate scans, host employers and subsequent permanent employment. The objective of this simple, cost-effective and scalable system is to quickly and accurately analyse if training programs are relevant and sustainable, thereby effectively measuring impact

      A Live Reporting Dashboard

      A Live Reporting Dashboard, the live reporting dashboard will enable the foundation to keep track of all details
      of placed candidates including which library they are placed at, how long they remained on the programme,
      headline data summaries of all required demographics such as age, gender, location and ratios of permanent placements following the 12-month programme. Detailed excel reports can be extracted at any time and include all demographics, data summaries and extracts based on specific inputs.

      Letsatsi Water Project

      With high numbers of youth unemployment, the Letsatsi Water Project’s core focus is to provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities such as to manufacture, install and maintain gravity-fed solar power geysers in their communities.

      This project is currently in its pilot phase in Hopefield Soweto, with 25 dwellings as beneficiaries, 50% of the beneficiaries being female and child-headed households. Make a significant impact on the youth unemployment crisis.


      Lularides, an entity focused entirely on assisting unemployed South African youth to become scooter drivers able to work for tech platforms such as Uber Eats, Mr Delivery, Takealot and others.

      Lularides is focused on addressing the primary challenges that prevent young, ambitious job seekers from being able to transform their destiny through embarking on a career pathway that is lucrative, flexible and in great demand. We aim to provide unemployed youth with the skills, job opportunity and financial independence to free themselves from the shackles of poverty, helplessness and dependence which they otherwise find themselves in.

      Lularides trains and equips young people with scooter licenses as they start their journey of financial independence.

      Our Current Projects

      Youth Employability and SME Booster Impact Assessment Study

      This program aims to implement an intensive, targeted intervention that will provide the program funders with
      empirical evidence on the long-term impact of diverting internship funding to the small business sector.

      Lulalab Agri-Livelihoods Programme

      This programme progressively encourages and unlocks the greater entrepreneurial potential for households through teaching them to enhance their production and planning for income generation purposes, and then transcend into more intensive use of appropriate business tools to build profitability.

      Social and Labour Plans
      (Mining Specific)

      The most significant component for achieving and maintaining ongoing compliance with the Mineral Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) and Mining Charter, which also holds the most compliance weighting with the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), is the sustainable implementation of the SLP.

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