Lulalab Agri-Livelihoods Programme

The Lulalab Agri-Livelihoods Programme progressively encourages and unlocks the greater entrepreneurial potential for households through teaching them to enhance their production and planning for income generation purposes, and then transcend into more intensive use of appropriate business tools to build profitability.

Lulalab Agri-Livelihoods Programme in pursuit of the ideal of:

  • No barriers to entry for anyone in the community; and

  • No ceiling to the possibilities for expansion and diversification for any individual, family or business

The Lulalab Agri-Livelihoods Programme deliberately follows a rapid, stepwise approach to maximise participation (broad-based) and easy entry for all interested people at any level in the socio-economic pyramid (inclusive) and enables a person or household to systematically improve as:

  • “Producers” to attain food security and stability;

  • “Income generators” by selling, saving and adding value;

  • “Entrepreneurs” by getting better at managing the business side of their production and sales;

  • “Employers” where they start to pay family, neighbours and others to work for or with them.

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    Scaling out and scaling up:

    Entry into the programme is possible at any time, and at any of these levels, and the multi-year programme design enables participation to both scale-out (enabling more participants to enter the programme) and scale-up (enabling participants to progress from one level to the next, at their own preferred pace).

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