Youth Employability and SME Booster Impact Assessment Study

This program aims to implement an intensive, targeted intervention that will provide the program funders with empirical evidence on the long-term impact of diverting internship funding to the small business sector.

This project is designed to target South Africa’s unique
economic environmental constraints, specifically:

  • The barriers to employment for the youth due to lack of work experience (employers will not hire a candidate without work experience, but the candidate cannot get work experience without a job)

  • The employability gaps of the youth due to lack of work experience (i.e. many new employees/interns drop off due to lack of familiarity with workplace norms, expectation management and lack of support at the start of the job)

  • Small businesses’ growth struggles due to a lack of resources

  • Small businesses’ have many vacant positions but cannot afford to hire (i.e. can create brand new jobs but don’t have the cash flow to fill them)

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    The primary impact outcomes that will be evaluated:

    • Impact of the program on youths’ permanent absorption into hosts or other companies in the same sector

    • Impact on the growth trajectory of small businesses

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